Total Impact Martial Arts - Menifee Martial Arts Tae kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do Instructors

Total Impact Martial Arts counts with certified, professional instructors experienced  in combat training, modern martial arts and self defense teaching techniques and traditional art of   tae kwon do.

Our instructors are ready to assist students as early as 3 years old, children, men and women  to achieve their full potential in a friendly, courteous, and positive reinforce  manner. 


Every Tae Kwon  Do Student is unique and we know it!


We understand that students develop at different paces, and our instructors adapt the course curriculum to accommodate the individual needs of each and every student. Total Impact Martial Arts instructors create a fun learning environment; one in which students are encourage to develop at their own pace physically, mentally, and socially.




Jaelyn Park -  1st Dan