Adults Mixed Martial Arts

Ages 18+

Are you looking to relieve some stress? Get in shape and effective self-defense with boxing, kickboxing, and grappling. Learn more and schedule a free intro class.

Program Focus

Self Defense

Learn effective self-defense techniques if the need ever arises in your life.

Stress Relief

Decompress from daily work, school, and family life by working out with friends.

Weight Loss

Get back into shape and start feeling comfortable and healthy again.

Have Fun!

Join our growing group of teens and adults looking to work out and have fun!

Are You Experiencing These Things?

  • Feeling stiff or have back pains

  • The need to defend yourself and your family

  • Stress from home and work

  • Feeling anxious or depressed

  • Lack of motivation to workout alone

How Martial Arts Can Help

Our MMA classes bring the right combination of fitness, self-defense, stress-relief, and community under one roof. Learn the necessities of defending yourself and your family. Mixed Martial Arts will make you feel like a complete fighter and individual.

Why Total Impact Martial Arts?

A lot of our instructors grew up in the TIMA environment themselves. They commit to passing on their knowledge to the next generation of students. Alongside a structured curriculum, emotionally invested instructors, and a Master with over 45 years of Martial Arts experience, you’ll see your child advance in many different aspects of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages are your MMA classes for?

We’re predominantly a Taekwondo school and MMA is provided to all our other age groups in their respective classes. Those looking to solely do MMA are provided for adults.

What Martial Arts are included in your mixed style?

Taekwondo is our foundational element that provides the footwork to naturally blend multiple styles. We also include kickboxing, boxing, hapkido, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to our MMA style.

I'm pretty clumsy and not very athletic, is Martial Arts for me?

Martial arts will teach you to be more graceful while building your core strength and overall balance. Once you become more aware of your body and its capabilities, you’ll be less clumsy.

I feel pretty unsure of myself, can Martial Arts help me?

Yes! By studying martial arts, you’ll have a better sense of your capabilities and will see yourself improve in physical fitness and mental strength. You’ll see your confidence continually improve over time.

Are there other adults looking to learn Martial Arts?

Yes! We have a great group of adults already learning! We’re looking to grow this group and make it a great place for adult martial artists to come together!

What Our Members Are Saying

As an adult student, I really love coming to this dojang. The all ages classes are fun for everyone and you learn so much and combining the MMA adult classes is totally worth it!

-Britt B.

My kids love Total Impact Martial Arts and Total Impact Gymnastics. They treat my family great, and are great with my kids! TIMA was exactly what my family needed!

-Kristy B.

Great place not just for martial arts training but to get in shape. Would definitely recommend this place for all ages. Authentic …fun ….but still traditional

-Randy R.

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