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Ages 3-5

Does your child need a fun activity where they can develop focus, discipline, and self-defense while learning the foundational principles of success? Learn more and schedule a free intro class.

Program Focus


Learning to commit to decisions and seeing them through the end


Learning to try new things without the fear of failure develops future success.

Learn Success

Developing a winning mentality helps push through difficult challenges.

Have Fun!

Grow into respectful men and women being at service to their family and community.

Does Your Child Struggle With These Things?

  • Child is disrespectful or has temper tantrums
  • Child’s energy is unintentionally destructive
  • Child gets frustrated and gives up easily
  • Child doesn’t work well with others and share
  • Child lacks focus and ‘zones out’

How Martial Arts Can Help

Here at Total Impact Martial Arts, new students quickly realize what their potential could be when they see how upperclassmen behave and what they’ve accomplished. Goals can easily be measured when it’s tied to the color of a belt. Realizing the hard work it takes, physically and mentally, to accomplish a task, they’ll be filled with confidence once they do! The culture of Martial Arts brings out the best inside where focus, discipline, and self-respect are achieved.

Why Total Impact Martial Arts?

A lot of our instructors grew up in the TIMA environment themselves. They commit to passing on their knowledge to the next generation of students. Alongside a structured curriculum, emotionally invested instructors, and a Master with over 45 years of Martial Arts experience, you’ll see your child advance in many different aspects of their life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is discipline conducted when a child misbehaves in class?

At this age, a child may be asked to sit down and have his peers demonstrate the proper way to behave. We’ll ensure that demonstrating correct behavior results in having more fun! In some cases, a child may have their belt removed and would need to earn back a martial artist’s most important item.

My child gets easily frustrated and gives up too often, can martial arts help?

Yes! Developing persistence is foundational in martial arts and in life. By providing lots of mini-accomplishments to keep their morale up, they’ll realize hard work pays off in the end and learn not to shy away from it.

My child has a hard time focusing and zones out, can martial arts help?

Yes, it’s possible that your child needs to be challenged more by doing an activity that is enjoyable and that can sustain their attention. It’s common with young children and we frequently change up our activities in class to be in tune with their attention spans until they develop better focus. Got to keep it fun!

My kid has poor balance and runs into things all the time. How does martial arts help?

As a martial arts style, Taekwondo is known for its foot control, speed, balance, and effective strikes. Taekwondo allows your child to develop proper foot, hand, and eye coordination that will help them to excel in other sports and styles.

Can I assist or attend class alongside my child?

Lil Dragons' class is specific to their age range only. We advise allowing your child to learn how to overcome challenges on their own. However, there is a family class where we invite students of all ages, and belt ranks to attend together.

What Our Members Are Saying

As an adult student, I really love coming to this dojang. The all ages classes are fun for everyone and you learn so much and combining the MMA adult classes is totally worth it!

-Britt B.

My kids love Total Impact Martial Arts and Total Impact Gymnastics. They treat my family great, and are great with my kids! TIMA was exactly what my family needed!

-Kristy B.

Great place not just for martial arts training but to get in shape. Would definitely recommend this place for all ages. Authentic …fun ….but still traditional

-Randy R.

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